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McWhinney’s gets ten out of ten from discerning ten year old Fintan

Every brand and business likes to feel the love of its customers, and in the food sector, this is possibly even more important to companies and manufacturers.

You can just imagine the smiles that were created at McWhinney’s a number of weeks ago, when the 119 year old Irish Pork Sausages manufacturer was contacted out-of-the-blue by a famous chip shop in Northern Ireland, McNulty’s.

When owner Brian McNulty received a letter complimenting his chip shops’ choice of pork sausages from 10 year old Fintan McIvor, he and McWhinney’s decided to reward this super sausage fanatic. Fintan had written to McNulty’s praising the sausages that he regularly eats from their chip shop. The sausages were McWhinney’s Irish Pork Sausages, which the famous shop has used for many years. In his letter, Fintan described them as “succulent”, “full of flavour” and “yummy”, and declared that he simply refused to eat any other brand of sausage.

As shop owner Brian McNulty explains. “Our sausages are made by McWhinney’s using only top quality pork. We have been using the same sausages for the past 30 years, thereby guaranteeing a consistent product to our customers.”

In a gesture from both McWhinney’s and McNulty’s chip shop, young Fintan has already taken delivery of a case of McWhinney’s Sausages for his home. Additionally, he will also receive a free McWhinnney’s Sausage Supper every week for a full year!

Kevin McWhinney, MD of McWhinney’s Sausages, was delighted that Fintan got in touch. “Young Fintan may be only 10 but it’s clear that he’s already got great taste and knows quality food when he sees it! The fact that he took the time to hand-write a letter to Brian at McNulty’s highlights the difference he and thousands of others see in our products, and we were only too happy to reward his support with a year’s supply of fabulous McWhinney’s Sausage Suppers from McNulty’s!”

The last word is with Fintan of course, who has very stern views on his favourite meal, “I will only eat McWhinney’s Sausages from McNulty’s. They are class!” Well said, Fintan!

To find your nearest McWhinney’s Sausages supplier, check our Distributors section on You can also call us on 028 91 271811 or contact our Sales Manager, Ivan Bond, at

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