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Jestic introduce compact countertop Josper

As one of the only equipment brands to be directly cited on a menu, a Josper Charcoal Oven adds a real touch of quality to any offering. Now, in a move set to bring all the wonderful textures and tastes of a Josper to even the most compact of kitchen, Jestic has announced the launch of the Josper HJX38, countertop charcoal oven.

Featuring the same iconic design and built to withstand the considerable heat generated by the charcoal, the HJX38 offers a wonderful cooking experience and utilises the natural smoky flavour of the larger models in the portfolio. With an hourly output of between 6-8kg, this countertop model features space for two, large 58cm x 34cm grill racks enhancing versatility and cooking potential. With a heat up time of just 25 minutes and with each load of charcoal lasting up to 7-hours, the appliance is more than capable of cooking delicious food through even the longest shift.

As with the majority of the ovens in the Josper range, the HJX38 features a heavy-duty, pull down door complete with thermometer, meaning the cooking chamber is contained during the cooking process. Not only does this help to extend the life of the charcoal but also achieves the optimum conditions for cooking meat and delicate items such as fish, vegetables and even fruit with the greatest precision. What’s more, by reaching temperatures of up to 350°c, cook times are reduced, while the texture and rich smokiness of ingredients produced in the oven is exceptional.

Michael Eyre, Culinary Director at Jestic Foodservice Equipment comments:

“The Josper brand is one that commands a loyal following of chefs, foodservice operators and consumers alike. Often listed on everything from pub to fine dining restaurant menus, the brand conjures up thoughts of summer BBQ’s, natural cooking and wonderful, indulgent flavours.

With many of the models in the portfolio featuring a large, freestanding design, those with limited facilities or space were often restricted to the appliances they can use. The new Josper HJX38 provides the answer, offering the same great technique, taste and texture, but in a table top design. Despite its size, the oven achieves an impressive capacity, thanks to its optional two rack cooking chamber, and a prolonged burn-time due to its enclosed nature.”

Capable of being positioned on an 850mm – 900mm high counter, the HJX38 includes a firebreak as standard and features a footprint of just 710 x 450mm (w/d) meaning this model can be positioned under a standard 1100mm deep extraction canopy. With optional

additional cookware available, chefs can personalise their Josper Oven to suit their needs and kitchen requirements.

For further information on the Josper HJX38 or any of the other equipment distributed by Jestic Foodservice Equipment, please call 01892 831 960 or visit www.jestic.co.uk.

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