Falcon launches new Combi oven range

Falcon latest models of combination ovens take functionality to a new level with both new programmable and manual versions.

The top of the range ‘T’ models can be completely configured to suit each individual kitchen’s requirements, with the home page on it’s touch screen controls able to display the most frequently used programmes, which can then be started with just one touch.

Unlimited recipes can be organised into folders so that, for instance, those used on a certain day can be readily called up together. Cooking advice and notes can be typed in and images can be added to help quick identification – these can be uploaded from an image gallery or from a USB.

All of Falcon’s new 7 and 10 shelf models benefit from new Liquid Clean automatic cleaning and descaling systems, making it easier to keep the combi oven chamber in optimum condition.

Alongside the new models, Falcon will continue to supply its popular compact combi oven range. The compact combis are only 510mm wide and enable smaller kitchens to benefit from combi cooking. They feature an easy to operate, interactive touch screen with 400 programme storage capacity, and an automatic cleaning system.

There is also a full range of cooking accessories available, such as perforated trays, skewer racks, meat grids and non-stick containers specifically designed to enhance the quality of the food being produced.

Visit www.falconfoodservice.com for more information.

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