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Pizza and pasta remains a popular crowd pleaser, appealing to all demographics from families who appreciate value, quality and consistency. Whether by the slice as an individual grab and go option or served whole to be shared in a group-meal scenario, pizza offers flexibility and is a perfect menu choice for quick serve restaurants and food to go outlets. Pizza is a relatively affordable food option for the consumer and presents generous profit potential for the operator and a means for innovation and creativity for caterers.

Eurilait, one of the UK’s major suppliers of quality speciality cheese and dairy produce, has identified strong growth and continuing interest in its range of continental cheeses. Mozzarella, a star ingredient in pizza toppings, has soared to over 14% growth according to KantarWorldpanel (52 weeks to 11 Sept 16).

Craig Brayshaw, Director of Sales, Eurilait Ltd says “In general terms, consumers are switching away from cheddar and soft white spreadable cheeses and leaning towards continental cheese, which demonstrates a more sophisticated palate and experimental attitude to cheese. Stronger cheeses such as Roquefort, Gorgonzola and goat cheese are now common place in fast casual eating outlets; appearing more frequently as an ingredient in premium dishes, incorporated into sauces and trending as pizza toppings.”

As a subsidiary of two leading and highly experienced French dairy cooperatives (Laita and Eurial), Eurilait is able to offer an extensive range of dairy goods to provide menu options for a variety of foodservice sectors and levels, within the industry, providing the UK retail, industrial and foodservice markets. An inherent understanding of the foodservice market results in continued product innovation as Eurilait’s growing portfolio continues to deliver solutions for chefs.

Eurilait’s products are unrivalled in their quality and heritage; a network of twenty certified creameries throughout western France produce market leading dairy items such as goat and cow milk cheeses, butter, cream and yoghurts. A high standard is set by the dairy cooperatives, through control of each stage of milk production and transformation, along with the expertise of highly skilled cheese makers, to arrive at outstanding and highly regarded dairy produce. The rest of the Eurilait range encompasses speciality cheese sourced from all over Europe from trusted 3rd party suppliers to complete the offer.

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