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DIBS Distribution Limited is a family run specialist poultry producer and fast food distributor to restaurants across the UK. They were formed in 1987 and celebrate their 30th year of trading in October 2017

Biography and Brief History

DIBS have come a long way from their humble beginnings in a butchers shop in Paddington in 1987. The Payne brothers created DIBS with the ambition of supplying independent fast food chicken restaurants. Four years later and the success of the business required a move to a purpose built processing factory in Hounslow, Middlesex. During the period from 1991 to 2003 DIBS saw the inclusion of the Payne brothers’ six sons to help with the workload and the fast growing expansion of the business.

In 1999 DIBS relocated to Isleworth, Middlesex to accommodate the growth of their poultry processing activities and the expansion of their nationwide distribution network, which is where they are now based. In total they occupy three buildings to accommodate their fresh, frozen and dry foods warehousing and distribution centres.

Products and Services

DIBS service a varied customer base across the UK using their own dedicated fleet of drivers and dual compartment HGV refrigerated vehicles. Typical customers include Fried Chicken restaurants, Peri-Peri restaurants, Fish & Chip restaurants, Cafes, Universities and Motorway Service Stations.

DIBS offer two deliveries per week in England and Wales and for customers based in Scotland they deliver once a week.

DIBS dedicated Sales team operate six days a week Monday-Friday 10am-5pm and Saturday 10.30am-2pm. They are accredited by the Foods Standards Agency.

DIBS sell all the classic ingredients to produce the perfect fried chicken including fresh, raw chicken portions and flour based coatings with a variety of different flavourings. For succulent grilled (Peri-Peri) chicken, DIBS sell pre-marinated, fresh raw chicken portions in numerous flavours, accompanied with unique basting sauces in original and more adventurous flavours.

Dibs Vision for the Future of the Fast Food Chicken Industry

Over the past 10 years DIBS have seen a huge growth in the boneless ‘food on the go’ market and have responded by offering for restaurants looking to serve quick and easy main/side orders an unprecedented range of ‘freezer to fryer’ 100% whole muscle premium products which can be cooked in just 3 to 4 minutes straight from frozen.

These products are perfect to cater for the increasing popularity of boneless chicken meals such as classic Pop-in Chicken, Chipotle Chicken Bites, Chicken Mini Fillets, Chicken Goujons (strips) and Spicy Pop-in Chicken.

DIBS pride themselves on being the first to introduce new and innovative products to the independent fast food market and with all of their new product launches they offer a complete set of point of sale materials and promotional discounts to help to assist their customers.

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