European Saucy Fries Craze To Launch in UK

FAST FOOD PRO MAG is always looking for innovative trends to showcase to it’s audience and history has shown that our friends in Europe have always been at the front when it comes to selling chips.

Twice cooked fries, covered with Manna Slott Sauces are taking Europe by storm, with over 2,000 fries outlets each selling up to 1,000 portions a night. The 20 flavour options of tasty sauces are dispensed easily and hygienically onto the fries at ambient temperatures, using Manna’s unique, hanging, cow udder looking bottles. Flavours include Curry Ketchup, Barbecue, Hot Shot, Samourai, Cheese, Burger and BBQ.

Such is the popularity of the fries in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, Spain and Saudi Arabia, that Manna’s exports have doubled in the last three years and last year’s turnover hit 25.8 million euros. Manna are now looking to target chip shops and other UK takeaways, through their new distributor who have been doing street food trials to assess the UK’s popular flavours.

Geoff Dixon of Saucy Fries commented “We look on this as a great opportunity for UK chip outlets to easily up their quality and range of offering. Crisps were only salt and vinegar once. Only 20% of our streetfood test bought traditional fries, 80% wanted flavoured. Here is a chance to grab customers from competitors on a good margin product and charge extra for twice frying and then for the sauce, leading to more turnover and more profit.”

Saucy Fries as well as selling the popular sauces and a large range of flavoured salts to existing outlets, will be offering franchise opportunities soon. The sauces are popular toppings for burgers and hot dogs too. Full details are on and lots of pics and videos of European successes on . European outlets for these fries are growing rapidly.

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