HeyMenu – Challenging the Takeaway Giants

March 2017 sees the launch of www.HeyMenu.co.uk, a new entrant to the UK takeaway industry which aims to challenge industry giants such as Just-Eat and Hungry House.

HeyMenu connects takeaway restaurants and consumers via an easy to use and tailored website and app. The company’s proposition is to provide up to 90% lower costs to takeaway restaurants in comparison to the competition by charging a one off joining fee and a flat fee of £65 per month with no commission. Through a series of loyalty programmes, the company also aims to generate loyalty from consumers towards the restaurants, rather than to the company itself.

HeyMenu also aims to improve the consumer experience with more dependable technology to ensure that orders are processed efficiently, payments are secure and reliable and deliveries are tracked from the restaurant to the front door.

Dave Breith, CEO of HeyMenu says:

‘We believe that the industry as it exists is long overdue a shake-up. HeyMenu will support small businesses which are currently being held to ransom by the industry giants, being forced to sign up with them in order to keep up with the competition. For many high street restaurants however, these services are expensive to set up and maintain and erode their profit margins with ever increasing commission charges, meaning they are working harder for less reward. With the news that Just-Eat plans to buy Hungry House this year, the situation for takeaway restaurants is only going to become more difficult.

‘We are confident that we can provide a better, more reliable and cost-effective service to both restaurants and consumers. We have established a strong base with over 3,500 businesses already signed up, so we will be looking to expand rapidly in order to offer restaurants and consumers more choice and better service.’


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