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Planglow’s Street Cone showcases a fully compostable cone with a world map street food design plus built in ‘beak’ for sauce. Rachael Sawtell, marketing director for Planglow commented, “Grab and go is increasingly expanding into hot food options and last year we launched our multi-award winning Street Food range developed specifically for this market. This has proven to be really successful however, we felt the collection should be expanded to incorporate a cone which can be used for fried bites - such as chicken, falafel and churros (donuts) - plus pasta, crepes, wraps, popcorn, confectionary and of course chips!”

To form the Street Cone simply squeeze the sides then ‘pop the top’ to reveal the ingenious built-in ‘beak’. This helps to keep chicken and other snacks crispier and crunchier for longer by providing a separate space just for sauce.

Sporting a distressed map and passport stamp design, the rustic kraft Street Cone is the latest addition to Planglow’s multi-award winning Street Food range which also includes a Street Box (a kraft clamshell style pack for chicken, burgers and a wide range of other dishes hot and cold) plus a Street Deli Paper (for sandwiches and other made-to-order items, lining lunch trays and more). Made from recyclable and fully compostable materials it may be used alone or paired with other items from the collection.

Ice Cream

The rustic, brand-neutral finish and excellent thermo-insulating properties of the 12oz and 16oz Natural Pots mean their up for almost anything! As well suited to icy indulgences - such as sorbet, ice cream or frozen yogurt - as toastier treats like mushy peas, pasta or curry - and let’s not forget the humble soup too! What’s more, they’re sustainably sourced as well as industrially compostable, and lined with a special food-safe bio coating which meets the European compostability standard EN13432.

The Natural Pots can be paired with either one of Planglow’s two new Pot Lids: the 12/16oz Pot Lid - which is made from a recyclable (PS) plastic; and the 12/16oz Bio Pot Lid. This is made from a corn based material that is also certified EN13432 (the European standard for compostability). And unlike other compostable container lid products, the Bio Pot Lid can be used with piping hot food without warping, cracking or melting.

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