More innovations from Hewigo at Queens

Queens have recently opened a new shop with coffee lounge at brand new premises in the Leicestershire village of Ibstock. At the centre of this classily decorated outlet stands a gleaming Hewigo 4-pan Advantage High Efficiency range boasting a new development from Hewigo - diamond shaped front panels separated by mosaic stainless steel columns.

This is Queens’ fourth outlet with plans for at least two more. The shop in Droitwich set local tongues wagging three years ago when the 3-D outside signage was replicated in the front panel of the range.

Mindy Singh, whose family owns Queens says, “We always look to be different and take on the latest ideas in design and operation. Hewigo have been a godsend when it comes to putting new ideas into practice and when we heard about the new ‘diamond’ panels we wanted to be the first to try them.” Phillip Purkiss, Managing Director of Hewigo UK comments, “The new panels really reflect the colours coming down from the programmable LED lighting producing a stunning effect.”

Mindy adds, “Hewigo’s flexible approach means that I can’t imagine us wanting to partner with anyone else. They provide great customer service and the new technology and design they put into the ranges gives excellent value for money both in the initial price and running costs.”

The inclusion of a coffee lounge in the shop has also helped to ensure success for the business which is in a small shopping centre next to a Co-op supermarket. “It’s amazing how many people come in for a coffee just before lunch or teatime and then take fish & chips home with them” says Mindy.

Phillip Purkiss adds, “Mindy and his family are very innovative and ambitious and we are really pleased that we have been able to develop a long term partnership.”

For further information contact Hewigo on 0121 544 9120 or

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