Nemox Gelato 4K Touch: Exquisite Gelato at your Fingertips

Available in the UK from renowned catering equipment specialists Mitchell & Cooper, the Nemox Gelato 4k Touch is the starting point of your gelato journey.

With one touch of the state-of-the-art user interface, consistently perfect gelato is created thanks to fully automatic production and storage processes, making it ideal for implementation in busy kitchens.

And for operators looking to expand on their dessert offering, the Gelato 4K Touch provides the ultimate solution. Capable of detecting ingredient consistency from the word go, the Gelato 4K Touch delivers delicious sorbet, ice cream, frozen yoghurt and granita too, allowing for a truly varied output depending on the choice of the chef.

The touch control pad ensures that the use of this state-of-the-art gelato machine is quick, simple and hygienic for the operator, making for a highly efficient kitchen addition.

Furthermore, the automatic detection feature even works when the cycle is finished to store each creation correctly. A multi-process control begins initiating a unique storage cycle depending on the type of dessert made. Whilst this useful feature allows operators to leave their gelato in the machine as they undertake other tasks for as long as needed, the cutting-edge blending and refrigeration systems – which are designed for long work cycles – also mean that this compact addition to the commercial kitchen is extremely robust and able to withstand heavy use throughout the day.

Renowned for technologically advanced gelato equipment the world over, Nemox’s new Gelato 4K Touch comes with the promise of easy operation and the effortless production of mouth-watering frozen sensations.

The Gelato 4K Touch also possesses a footprint of just 415 x 300 x 415mm, making this countertop machine not only highly efficient within a small space, but also a perfect example of how homemade gelato production need not mean devoting valuable kitchen space to a newly-introduced menu addition.

A magnetic safety device immediately stops the paddle when the lid is lifted, whilst the stainless steel blade with removable scrapers ensures the utmost in kitchen hygiene.

Exclusive to Mitchell & Cooper in the UK, each purchase of a Nemox ice cream machine comes with a starter kit, which allows chefs to create up to 14kgs of gelato. Furthermore, Mitchell & Cooper guarantee an onsite warranty repair service for the first year after purchase.

The Nemox range presents infinite possibilities for chefs who pride themselves on combining the utmost quality with innovation.

For more information on this range or any other within the Mitchell & Cooper portfolio, please call 01825 765511 or visit

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