The Versicarte has Just Got More Versatile

New Eye-Catching Pop-up Versicarte Street Food-Style Carts from Moffat

The Pop-up Versicartes range of compact hot, cold and ambient mobile displays are designed for maximum visual impact. The mobile units house eye-catching magnetic graphics that can be easily removed and changed to promote the latest menu items or to display the venue’s branding. As the signage can be refreshed easily they can help boost meal take up – reflecting new menus, initiatives or to promote specials or themes.

The Pop-up Versicartes are available for hot or cold food. The cold model features refrigerated wells, while the heated model features a bains marie to keep menu items at the optimum temperature. All heated units have Moffat’s Sahara fan heating system, which maintains food quality and safety while ensuring energy efficiency.

The new Versicarte is easy to install as it runs from a standard 13amp plug and can be quickly moved. Constructed from stainless steel, these units are built to last. Removable grid shelves make cleaning easy and ensure effective air circulation.

The units feature an illuminated gantry, with safety bulbs, and a glass shelf to show food off to its best advantage. A glass sneeze screen protects the food. Optional tray rails and slides and drop-down end shelves can be used for maximising profits through impulse purchases or for storing condiments and napkins.

The new Pop-up Versicartes are available from Moffat with a two-year warranty.

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