Express Takeaway has been serving it’s local community Fish & Chips for over 10 years. With the turn of the New Year Husband and Wife John and Julie decided to complete a refit of their store in order to appeal to a broader customer base and offer an exciting new menu, “something our customers had always been asking us to offer.”

End To End Service

Harlequin Digital were quick to take the entire process out of our hands at a time when we needed it. The team gave us an entirely new brand identity and continued to create a full set of pre-scheduled Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Menus.

The process was a simple as sending pictures and images of our exiting menus and ideas and that was enough for them to get going.

“We were involved in the process throughout, receiving regular up dates which we subsequently approved throughout the process.

The design process was effortless; the customer feed back has been fantastic

said Julie McIlhiney - Owner of Express Takeaway

A Few Months On

Since opening we have made multiple changes to our menus and have even logged into the digital software from abroad to see the status of our menus and now can even do it on the go with the mobile app, it’s fantastic.

We are now focusing on the sale and promotion of high margin sides and condiments that really make an impact to our bottom line, with the same customer actually paying a perceived extra for the sides, in fact we advertise on our menu boards ‘’If we don’t offer you one of our sides with your order then you’ll get it for FREE’’ it’s made a real difference to our profitability.

The Right Solution

The decision to go digital was easy ‘the screens enable us the flexibility to promote special offers at exactly the right times of day. It has really enabled us to take advantage of the seasonal holidays from bank holidays to Easter and Christmas and it works perfectly in conjunction with our static menu display boxes’’

Opening with the new menu we really wanted to be flexible in our promotions, offering our customers new deals and promotions tempting them to our new offerings – this wouldn’t have been possible previously.

It was important that we ended up with the right solution that could be both remotely managed and instantly updateable: we knew that with the new digital menus our promotions are unique to our community and appeal to our locals, thus connecting with the customer.

Supplier Incentives

It quickly became clear that the promotion areas of our menu boards were delivering sales increases of up to 120% on promoted items.

Such increase have resulted in better bargaining power with our suppliers. Our suppliers now compete for valuable space on our menu boards with incentivised deals and a large selection of promotional digital content.

One promotion we had previously been running was the carrier bag costs were all donated to the local school.This has really been effective in making our business a real part of the community and now with every donation we make to the school we can add it to our digital menu board and inform how much has been donated in total. Customers no longer complain about the cost of a carrier bag but rather often give a little extra.

We were excited to see an end to end solution with flexibility in the solution, it was exactly what we wanted. John McIlhiney - Owner of Express Takeaway

John and Julie closed their store a period of two weeks whilst the refurbishment took place, naturally their priority was getting the store back open again to start generating revenue but also service the demands of their customers. The menu was going to be completely re-invented to include breakfast, coffee, SFC Chicken and Wraps in addition to the classic Fish & Chips menu.

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