Choose Select Breads to take advantage of latest food trends, suggests Central Foods

Simple tweaks to bread ranges could help fast food operators take advantage of one of the key trends for 2017, gourmet fast food

Frozen food distributor Central Foods has highlighted that gourmet fast food has been identified as one of the trends that food experts have discovered is now popular with the public; it is relatively easy for fast food professionals to get behind this trend - by adding speciality breads onto menus, said Gordon Lauder, managing director of Central Foods.

“Pimped up fast food has been identified as one of this year’s trends in the foodservice sector,” explained Gordon. “One way that fast food professionals can take advantage of this is by serving up something a bit special in terms of bread, such as a Lebanese flatbread. It’s an ideal base for a wrap that can be eaten in or taken away, and helps to give the menu item a more ‘premium’ feel and taste.

“There’s a wide range of frozen artisan bread now available, whether that’s pitta, tortilla, naan or chapatti, and these products are really versatile when it comes to fast food, as they can be topped or filled.

“Not only can they be used as the base for a pimped up fast food product, they also take advantage of the artisan/fresh-baked trend that’s been identified by food experts as being popular during 2017 as well.”

Burgers and similar items can be ‘pimped up’ in a range of ways. Try adding a portion of mac ‘n’ cheese on top of the burger for maximum wow factor and visual appeal, or pretzels or nachos for extra crunch and texture, or a grilled pineapple ring topped with caramelised onions for a sweet/savoury flavour explosion, suggested Gordon.

There are also different cheeses, such as feta, manchego, Parmesan or blue cheese, that could be used, or different sauces, such as bacon marmalade, hummous, satay or even jam or honey, which tap into another 2017 trend, the popularity of sweet flavours for savoury foods. Another idea for gourmet fast food products is to add different vegetables or salads, such as avocado, red cabbage slaw, spinach or sweetcorn.

“Caterers can tap into their imaginations and use artisan breads in novels ways other than by filling as well – why not use as the base for ‘posh’ pizzas?” added Gordon.

Central Foods, which is based in Northamptonshire, supplies more than 220 independent wholesalers, as well as larger national and regional wholesalers, along with foodservice caterers across the entire foodservice industry, including fast food operators. It offers an extensive range of frozen breads, including the KaterBake range, which features pittas, tortillas, chapatti and Lebanese flatbread.

“Frozen breads are handy to help with back-up supplies if demand unexpectedly increases, and, of course, being able to defrost and serve just what is required is key to reducing waste and unnecessary costs,” added Gordon.

Offering a one-stop shop to the foodservice sector, Central Foods sources products from around the world and the UK, supplying more than 400 different lines, ranging from meat, bakery items and canapés through to buffet products, desserts and puddings.

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