Crucials NewLook andNew Flavours have got You and Your Menu Covered!!

Crucials, the sauce which dominates the fast food industry across the UK with over 20 flavours and various sizes has a brand new look.

With a label refresh to catch the eye using brighter colours, the brand has also created two new flavours. As Crucials began their humble beginnings catering to fast food outlets, they have gone back to their roots and created a unique first of its kind Kebab House Chilli and a British classic Tartare.

Crucials spent time in London kebab shops and restaurants researching the unique sauces available to serve with kebabs. Many restaurant owners commented that creating their chilli sauce in particular was both time consuming and often created unnecessary waste. They said if someone were able to match the sauce they painstakingly make from scratch they’d use it.

Although it was a challenge Crucials had to have a go. Working closely with kebab house owners, one month later Kebab House Chilli was born, and with a unique flavour profile and an exclusive spice blend this thick-bodied, high quality sauce is now available for purchase. It is a must have for anyone serving kebabs across the country.

At the same time Crucials were developing a Tartare sauce. Many customers had enquired why Crucials have such a large range yet don’t manufacture this classic accompaniment to Fish & Chips. After listening to their customers Crucials got to work and their Tartare is now part of the line-up. A perfectly creamy yet zingy sauce that is ideal to serve with fish, tartare is available to purchase now. Crucials has also released a brand new ketchup in a 290g glass bottle. The product adds class to a chippy shelf and provides another revenue stream to owners. It’s thick, rich, fruity and bursting with flavour. It’s a must have to sell in your chippy.

As well as these new sauces, Crucials still has an incredible variety varying from classics such as brown sauce, mint sauce, curry sauce, bbq, salad cream, burger sauce, burger relish, yoghurt mint and mustard.

Then there’s the mayo range; spicy mayo, garlic mayo and creamy mayo. An incredible hot sauce range which include the infamous hot stuff, extra hot, chilli garlic, Thai style sweet chilli, sweet chilli and peri peri.

There is literally a flavour for everyone with many sauces also available in 500ml, 1L, 2.27L, 4.5KG and 5L, meaning that for added value Crucials sauce are available to sell for personal use. If you’re looking for high quality sauces that add great value look no further - Crucials has you and your menu covered!

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