Fast & Healthy Chicken Burgers

Burgers remain king according to Horizons data from winter 2015. The market research company which tracks foodservice market trends report that beef burgers remain the UK’s favourite out of home meal followed in second place by pizza and in third place are chicken burgers. The recent troubled economic climate has not stopped people from eating out of the home but it has influenced what they

choose to eat and this has been a positive result for the burger sector.

Burgers and any hand held hot snack are perfect for fast food caterers to exploit the UK consumer love affair with burgers. Chicken burgers have become very popular as a healthier alternative to beef burgers due to their low fat content and come in at an average £1 cheaper than beef burgers.

Riverside Food Services have been producing premium quality chicken products since 1983. Their chicken burgers are available in 57g, 85g and 113g (quarter pound) sizes to suit large and small appetites and coated in a choice of crispy batter, golden breadcrumb, southern fried breadcrumb or a hot n spicy breadcrumb to satisfy all tastes.

Available in wholesale bulk and cater size packs with a five-way cook from frozen in minutes, Riverside’s chicken burgers offer quick and easy preparation for busy caterers. Riverside’s products are individually quick frozen so caterers can grab only what they need from the freezer with no wastage.

Visit Riverside’s website @ for more delicious details or contact Mrs Bonita Smith on 01691 839288.

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