Keburger offers a unique and tasty alternative

The Double A “Keburger” is not kebab meat in the shape of a burger. The Keburger is a premium quality beef burger with the beef sourced from the UK and Southern Ireland. The famous Double A spice pack is added to the burger mince to give the Keburger the unique taste that Double A customers have enjoyed for over 25 years.

Martyn Hayward, Operations Manager at Double A Kebab. “We pride ourselves on the quality and taste of our kebab, so why not put the experience we have in spicing meats into a burger product? It’s a fantastic, home-made style, burger with an extra kick of flavour.”

The flavour is one thing, but the team at Double A wanted to go one further step in the design. “We looked at the fast food market and saw plenty of burgers that didn’t look that appealing.” continued Martyn, “We purposely went for a production system that gave a shape which was closer to a handmade look. We think we’ve achieved the brief of a good looking burger with a fantastic taste and texture.”

Is there a market for a Keburger? “We think so, yes” answers Martyn, “Let’s face it, most people love a kebab but the Keburger is a more day time friendly way of enjoying the flavours. And for the vendor, it gives them a great kebab product without the need to add any more machinery”. The Keburger is best cooked on a grill or hotplate, but is also robust enough for those looking to deep fry them battered.

The Keburger is available from selected catering wholesalers in cases of 48 & 24 x 4oz burgers. Samples are available on request from wholesalers or directly from Double A Kebab.

Caterers or wholesalers interested in the product can call Double A on 01623 422888 or email to

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