The Future is Digital

Fast Food Pro asked Barry Dickman, director of BD Signs Ltd why he has invested tens of thousands of pounds in creating and developing his unique BDigital system instead of offering just the traditional printed poster in a light box

Barry’s response...

“We can all see that the future of technology is Phones, tablets and TVs. It’s all to do with the interaction of you and the customer. Selling food in your shop is a must but how you up-sell and make more profit is an art form called “marketing”. This is not just telling customers what you do – it is persuading them to spend more money which the industry classes as “up-selling” whilst they experience a more modern, up to date environment.

Today’s consumer is also more interested in where there product comes from such as “locally sourced items” and “Healthy Options”. They also want to know what your business ethos is such as history and nostalgia.

To do all the above can be a time consuming exercise or can clutter the shop with information. Both are things you don’t want to do. Even though we have been supplying and still do the above in print we have found that it can date easily and also be a long winded exercise for the customer to get the finished article from us. This is why we decided to supply a self sustaining digital display system where you can create your own brand and adverts.

This is where the BDigital display comes into play. We are talking about a system that you can control yourself and choose what you want to advertise during any time of the day.

We are the market leaders in the industry for the all inclusive design schedule and display. The fact is that we have over 3000 images and videos that are available to you 24/7 at a touch of a button. No other company will give you the ability to access this much to a stand alone system. When making the decision in buying a digital system you will come across a lot of companies that will promise the ability to create anything. Now this is mostly true but what most companies do not tell you is the restriction to your designs when you are wanting any amendments to either your layout or content on the digital design. BD Signs believes that you should have the freedom to have an all inclusive access to your digital system and be given the ability to create your own displays.

This is an exciting opportunity to really show your potential customers that you mean business. Show your customers what you sell. Show them what your products are all about with our large image and video library. It doesn’t end there. We also have hundreds of templates for you to choose from and hundreds more that are been designed every year just for you. We care about helping our clients expand their company and we get a positive satisfaction in seeing our clients succeed.”

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