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The kebab market has a definite divide. At one end, let’s call it the top end, we have the retailer that must serve the best quality products that they can find. The opposite of this is the retailer in a competitive market that will buy the cheapest product that they can find. That’s fine, this is not an attack on the lower end retailers, many times the choice of kebab to serve is driven by the market that you operate in. It is understandably difficult to sell premium price products on a high street surrounded by other shops selling cheaper meals, even if the quality is poles apart. Price often wins over quality in these scenarios.

Double A Kebab serve both markets. But just because a kebab is less expensive, the quality of the meat doesn’t have to be a compromise. Each Double A kebab contains the same high quality meats and spices, just in a different mix of percentages. Therefore, the Double A economy kebab is still a high quality kebab.

Double A Kebab, being BRC A Grade accredited, are at the peak of Kebab manufacturing. The BRC standards are at a level that allows Double A to manufacture food for supermarkets and the Food Service sector. The food safety standards are amongst the highest achievable.

And now Double A have launched a new improved economy kebab alongside another for the kebab connoisseur.

Double A Premium is a new all lamb kebab with a delicate salt and pepper seasoning. This departure from the famous Double A spice pack allows the meaty sweet lamb flavour to shine through. At present, this kebab is a special order product via selected Double A wholesalers. Samples are available. However, as a reflection of amount of quality lamb in the kebab, it will retail at around £1.75 per Lb. (£3.85 per kg). Premium is a kebab specifically requested by the Double A Chairman and really is a fantastic product for the discerning retailer.

Double A Max is the economy priced kebab with the same quality meats and spices as the rest of the Double A range. The Lamb and Beef is seasoned with the Double A spices and fresh green chilies. The new improved recipe gives the price conscious customer a product to rival the price of its peers, but the performance that leaves them behind. At a retail price of only £1 per Lb, (£2.20 per kg) Double A Max is a seriously good kebab for such a low price.

So, there you have it… Double A are leading the way in the industry with unrivalled levels of accreditation, have a fantastic ‘Premium Lamb’ product for the top end user, and an improved ‘Max’ kebab for the price sensitive market. All with legal labels and traceability to give you the confidence to choose to serve a Double A kebab.

See doubleakebab.co.uk for a wholesaler near you, or contact via info@doubleakebab.co.uk.

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