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Planglow expands its award winning Street Food range with five further products

Compostable packaging provider Planglow has added five new products to its street smart Street Food range: a tray, a carton (which is available in two sizes), Street Box Small (little brother to its award winning Street Box), plus a recycled napkin and dispenser kit too.

The Street Box, Cartons and Tray are all made from a krafty board - a super sturdy, compostable material - which has been specifically designed to handle grease and sauce laden foods. The now eight-piece Street Food range also includes a larger sized Street Box, chip cone, deli paper and sticker all showcasing Planglow’s signature Street Food design – a distressed world map and passport stamp print. The whole collection is made from fully sustainable and renewably sourced materials that will break down entirely in a home compost environment.

Planglow’s marketing director, Rachael Sawtell, commented, “Originally launched as a three-piece range, Street Food is going from strength to strength. The latest product designs support the increasingly diverse menu choices now on offer and help both providers and consumers alike to take their delicious foods far and wide”.

Street Box Small, Street Cartons & Street Tray

These krafty leak and seep-proof products are as comfortable in a crowd as they are back at basecamp. The Street Box Small provides a small but mighty alternative to our award winning Street Box, the Street Cartons come in a choice of two sizes - 24oz and 32oz - to suit the provider’s portions and pricing while the Street Tray is ready for anything. Pair with a wide variety of street-style eats and festival-fare: breakfast offerings, barbeque, burgers and fries, curries, noodles, pasta, pizza, paella, pies, puds and more.

Street Napkin & Dispenser Kit

The UK-made Street Napkin & Dispenser Kit completes the Street Food look. Utilising unbleached 100% recycled materials both the napkin and dispenser carry ‘Made from 100% recycled material’ messaging to further support eco credentials. The dispenser comes flat packed, simply fold to form and clip-in the tab, while the napkins are supplied pre-folded ready to drop into the dispenser. The dispenser and napkins are suitable for recycling.

Please contact Planglow to request samples of any of the Street Food products or visit www.Planglow.com for further information.

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