Fri-Jado Uk Secures Exclusive Partnership Agreement With Hounö

Uxbridge based foodservice and food retailing equipment provider, Fri-Jado UK Limited, has signed a partnership deal with Danish combi oven manufacturer, HOUNÖ A/S. Under the agreement, Fri-Jado has exclusive UK distribution rights for HOUNÖ products in the UK

food retailing sector, including supermarkets, convenience stores, forecourt outlets and food to go operations.

HOUNÖ claims to offer the world’s broadest choice of combi ovens, including 6 grid (1/1 GN), 10 grid (1/1 GN), 16 grid (1/1 GN), 20 grid (1/1 GN) 20 grid (2/1 GN) units. For limited space environments, the company offers its compact combi slim models, which are available in 6 grid (2/3 GN), 6 grid (1/1 GN) and 10 grid (1/1 GN) sizes. In operations requiring a larger cooking capacity, modules may be stacked, creating totally integrated units. The ovens may also be stacked with rotisseries to provide complementary cooking solutions in space saving configurations.

HOUNÖ combi ovens are available with steam generator or steam injection. They are offered with a user friendly touch pad controller with the capacity for 500 menu programmes, each with up to 10 process steps. For bakery applications, the HOUNÖ product range also includes bake off combi ovens, available in four sizes.

The HOUNÖ range includes a unique pass through model, which allows raw product to be loaded from the rear of the oven and cooked food unloaded from the front, eliminating the risk of cross contamination. The pass through feature also creates kitchen theatre, maximizing the visibility of the cooking process and promoting impulse purchases.

HOUNÖ combi ovens provide infinite control of humidity and radiant heat to deliver consistently high standards of cooked food quality with reduced shrinkage for maximum yield. The models include an extensive variety of features for operator safety, food hygiene and high efficiency.

To allow operators to tailor their combi ovens to meet specific requirements, a variety of options are available, including automatic cleaning systems, hand showers, fat separation systems, integrated extraction hoods and core temperature probes. A full range of accessories is also available, including stands trolleys, racks, pans, baking sheets, chip pans and spits.

As part of the agreement, Fri-Jado UK provides a comprehensive after sales service, including menu development courses at the company’s in house kitchen facility and specialist training programmes. Fri-Jado UK’s sister company, TEC Line Limited, offers a full installation, commissioning and maintenance service for HOUNÖ products, providing customers with total peace of mind.

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