Goldensheaf and Henry Jones – Bags of History

When market-leading Goldensheaf Standard was first launched

over 65 years ago, its watchwords were “natural” and “quality” and those values hold just as true today. But in relative terms, the Goldensheaf brand is just a baby, when compared to how long Henry Jones has been in the market!

Way back in 1830’s Bristol, a young baker, Henry Jones, perfected the method of making Self Raising flour. In 1945 they patented the method and as his was first such product, quickly achieved worldwide success.

So, in one company, you can find two incredibly well-established, historical brands that have been enjoyed by fish friers all over the UK for decades.

However, it’s not by accident that Goldensheaf and Henry Jones are so successful. The Goldensheaf logo includes the words “We mill our own flour” and that’s vitally important when it comes to traceability. Their manufacture is carefully controlled for quality and consistency, right from the selection of wheat at the farm, through to the milling and final blending. Rigorous testing is applied at every stage to ensure that every bag of batter mix is as good as it can be.

Eight varieties of Goldensheaf batter mix and five of Henry Jones are available: each developed to suit different regional preferences for finish and texture. So, from Land’s End to John O’Groats, there’s a choice to suit just about every customer! Best sellers are Goldensheaf Standard, with its crispy, golden finish and Henry Jones Gold, with its deeper colour. However, every variety in each range enjoys the same level of care and attention in its manufacture.

Every frier knows, though, that no matter how good the batter mix, it’s the skill of the individual using it that ensures the final product delivered to the consumer is at its best. The Frying Squad team of experts at Goldensheaf and Henry Jones spend their days working with friers across the UK to perfect the best methods of using their batter mixtures. As a result, every team member has a thorough and detailed knowledge of frying techniques and the working practices of the best shops around. They like nothing better than to apply this knowledge in helping new, or existing shop owners and their staff to produce an excellent product every time. Their motto “We’re here to help!” really is genuine.

Friers who want trusted brands turn to Goldensheaf and Henry Jones for many reasons: great taste, superior finish, choice of varieties; but not least of which is the knowledge that they’re using products with a real history of quality and total reliability from a company that will be around for years to come.

Find out more at, or call the free Customer Careline on 0800 138 1938.

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