Velox High Speed Grills have been available in the UK and Éire since 1978, offering the caterer pr

Healthy, natural and safe high speed cooking without sacrificing the quality of food produced, together with the ability to cook to order and virtually eliminate wastage. Velox offers the caterer greater versatility and economy for the minimum of capital outlay. Whatever type of catering outlet, Velox can save the busy caterer time and space whilst increasing profitability.

Cooking surfaces available grooved, smooth or ANY combination. Models to suit every catering need.

Example Cooking Times (CG2 Model)

1-2 Omelettes in 20 Seconds

1-12 Eggs in 1-2 Minutes

1-12 Panini Sandwiches in 1-2 Minutes

1-12 Chicken Fillets in 1½ - 3 Minutes

1-12 Hamburgers in 1-2 Minutes

1-6 Steaks in 2-3 Minutes

1-2 Crepes in 20 Seconds

Cook to order or batch cook a wide variety of products.

Rare, medium or well done products can be cooked

simultaneously from fresh or frozen.


When purchasing high speed contact grills and panini grills, go with proven quality to stay ahead of your competition. Go with Velox grills where our engineering has stood the test of time for over 40 years.

More information and Demonstration Videos are available on our website:

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