World Class!

The ‘2017 Worlds Strongest Man’ Eddie Hall was invited to open the new £1.35 million production facility at the High Carr factory. In true ‘Eddie’ style he took the strain as he pulled the first production load from the premises, signalling yet further investment of Blakeman’s expansion within the cooked product market.

The conversion of one cold store unit by McVeigh Projects, taking only 40% of its floor space, creating a manufacturing facility from raw ingredients to cooked product all contained in one auditable area.

Blakeman’s have increased their cooked volume by up to 35% (42,000 kg) with less handling of its products whilst still maintaining full traceability.

Tote bins of meat are accurately measured by in floor weighing scales, minced, mixed using a KG Wetter and transferred to a Handtmann filling system.

Sausages are then portioned and transported by an Arnott conveyor directly to the GEA inline frying facility.

The process from raw material to finished cooked product in less than 50 minutes reduces the lead time for customers in the ever faster paced food industry.

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