At last! Independent outlets can stop the Big Boys stealing all the Coffee - to -Go business

George Burrows - Brand Partner - Independent Distributor - KAFFE Direct said… “Now, with the availability of the new Self-Serve KAFFE Ready Brew Portable Coffee Bar, smaller family run independent outlets, including fast food takeaway outlets such as Fish & Chips, Sandwich Bars and even Farm Shops, who in the past have been put off by the large investment or financial commitments to rental and maintenance costs linked to vending machines - coupled with extra space and staff training, now find it possible to cash in on this massive, expanding take away coffee market, simply by having this attractive, head-turning self-serve Ready Brew coffee dispenser, requiring NO plumbing for the unique Thermal Pot, which maintains constant on demand hot water at only 2 watts - Double wall insulated. Supplied ready to go with start up pack of award winning completely compostable VEG mugs and lids - Eco-Manufactured - included in the flying starter pack,

“With Allegra predicting UK coffee market will exceed 70 MILLION cups of coffee - £16 BILLION by 2025…

George went on the say…”KAFFE Ready Brew is no ordinary coffee - it is unique because it is created from the award winning Panama Boquete Gesha bean, which fundamentally differs from most coffee beans, having four chromosomes, whereas others have only two. This gives the Panama Boquete Gesha bean the ability to produce more flavonoids, making it the most flavoursome coffee - then with the added formulations of powerful health supporting ingredients, such as CHAGA - known as the King of Medicinal Mushrooms - justifies the claim ‘Healthiest Coffee “ - VOTED for the last 13 years by The World Coffee Association as being the Worlds Best Tasting Coffee bean with no bitter aftertaste…

Today the Health Conscious Culture Crowd On - The - Go, are prepared to spend for pleasure and protection by drinking KAFFE - the Worlds Healthiest - Best Tasting Ready Brew ‘California SAFE’ Coffee - Why is it California SAFE? - Because it is Infrared cooked by sophisticated ceramic technology to within 0.5 degrees Celsius, thus avoiding the cancer causing Acrylamides often associated with high temperature, ‘full-roast’ - coffees - which require coffee outlets in California to display a WARNING sign to comply with Proposition 65 in the State of California - consequently NOT a requirement when providing KAFFE.

Now, KAFFE Direct Venues are able to meet the demand from folks looking to upgrade their coffee drinking on-the-go and at HOME…

KAFFE unique home delivery - currently established in 36 countries - soon to be 37 with the opening of NZ - presents a DOUBLE BONUS for small independent outlets, with research showing average households drink 3 cups of coffee every day - 1,095 coffees pa per household. Now KAFFE Direct Venue customers having discovered delicious, holistic, health and energy giving Ready Brew KAFFE, naturally want to continue to drink it all the time, even at home and this is the magical Bonus of KAFFE Ready Brew Beverages, because that is exactly what they can do - ordering direct via each appointed outlets customised web link, providing HOME DELIVERY direct to ‘Preferred Customers’ doors’ - Best of all, each introductory outlet receives an automatic electronic payment on every box of KAFFE delivered - pulling in extra profits even when the outlet is closed - even when the owner is on holiday

George summarises by saying…“As a former successful independent family retailer , I know the dilemma of making decisions on new innovations, - best clarified by asking two simple questions, ’worst that could happen?’- Best that could happen?’ This Special FastFood Professional KAFFE Ready Brew Flying Start Self- Serve.

The Promotional Package offers a once off POS kit delivered price of £199 - No ongoing rental or maintenance charges - The KAFFE Ready Brew Kit can turn £123 into £215.40 PROFIT in 12 days @ 15 mugs per day!” SPECIAL FASTFOOD PROFESSIONAL Introductory OFFER Worth £14.37 PROFIT - THREE RE-USABLE KAFFE TRAVEL MUGS & SCREW LIDS - RRP £4.79 each THIS IS A LIMITED OFFER subject to availability - Call George Burrows - 07484 707877 - Skype George.burrows9

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