Consumer demand for Donuts on the rise

(That’s American for Doughnuts)

It’s not just cafes, coffee shops and service stations where the clamour for the US delicacy - now a firm UK favourite, is rife. European foodservice suppliers - Moy Park has uncovered a significant opportunity for pubs and restaurants to get in on the action with recent research following Doughnut week (6th-13th May) revealing that 60% of diners surveyed – driven by 18-35 year olds would like to see pubs and restaurants offering a choice of more US-themed desserts, such as doughnuts, on restaurant menus.

Miniature desserts and sharing also rank high in the minds of UK diners. 68% of respondents said that seeing more miniature or sharer desserts on pub and restaurant menus would make them more inclined to opt for a third course, laying bare the sheer profit potential for operators.

Frannie Santos-Mawdsley, Senior Customer Marketing Manager, European Foodservice, Moy Park explains: “Doughnut Week is a fantastic initiative, but where some may have thought that celebrations were consigned to cafes and coffee shops, our research tells us that, with the right products, consumer demand is there for less traditional sites such as takeaways and restaurants to join the party. Our research shows that it is 18-35 year olds who are driving this demand. Received wisdom tells us that it is these so-called Millennials who crave difference and lead the way when it comes to emerging food trends, which means the industry should sit up and take note. We’re here to tell takeaway and restaurant operators, particularly in the burgeoning casual dining market, that doughnuts and Americana equal profit.”

Moy Park Foodservice has the perfect range of Mini Donuts (using the US spelling), to help non-traditional outlets make money. Supplied frozen for absolute convenience, the delicious mini cake-style Donuts come in Chocolate, Plain, Sugared and Cinnamon varieties. They can be customised with a host of decorations, and made personal to outlets, and served in a number of innovative ways, including dessert sharing boards for larger groups

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