North Sea Cod Receives MSC Certification - WWF Comment

Lyndsey Dodds, Head of UK marine policy at WWF gave a cautious yet optimistic statement in response to the news that North Sea Cod has received MSC Certification

“The recovery of cod in the North Sea reflects what’s possible if fishermen work together with fisheries managers, scientists and the wider industry to recover fish stocks. However, the amount of North Sea cod at breeding age is well below late 1960s levels and recovery remains fragile.

“If we’re to get North Sea cod back on British plates for good, it’s vital that we don’t lose focus on sustainably managing fish stocks and ensuring the protection of the marine wildlife and habitats as the UK develops its post-Brexit fisheries policy. Embracing new technology and installing cameras on the UK fleet would be a highly cost-effective and efficient way to help manage and monitor cod catches, as well as the range of other fish also caught by these boats.”

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