Strong external demand for Norweigen Cod puts pressure on UK buyers to secure stock

DEMAND for Norwegian cod – both fresh and frozen – is rising sharply, the latest figures from the Norwegian Seafood Council show

The country’s fishermen exported 3,100 tonnes of fresh cod, including fillets, worth NOK 77 million last month.

Volumes were up by 1,100 tonnes or 52 per cent on the July last year while the value increased by seven per cent or NOK five million.

It would also appear that the Spanish are developing a growing appetite for fresh cod as the country, along with Denmark (which has a large cod processing and distribution sector) were the two main markets. The high quality version known as skrei is also popular in these countries.

So far this year, Norway has exported 56 700 tonnes of fresh cod, totalling NOK 1.9 billion, a rise of 10 per cent in both volume and value. Frozen cod exports are also doing well. The July figure, including fillets, was 7,200 tonnes worth NOK 228 million.

This represents a volume increase of 12 per cent (800 tonnes) and a 13 per cent increase in value (NOK 26 million).

So far this year, Norway has exported 45,800 tonnes of frozen cod with a total value of NOK 1.5 billion.

This is likely to see prices rise for chip shops as well as some sizing shortages as buyers struggle to acquire stock on their terms.

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