The smart coffee for sport taking on Red Bull

One young British brand are filling what they say is a massive gap in the coffee market with a globally unique coffee for sport, health and fitness.

And they might be right. From combating depression to delaying the onset of dementia, there’s been plenty of press about just how good for you coffee can be. Dr Marc Gunter from the International Agency

for Research on Cancer said of a recent study: “We found that higher coffee consumption was associated with a lower risk of death from any cause, and specifically for circulatory diseases, and digestive diseases.”

The flip side of course, is overdosing on caffeine. We’ve all had the jitters from a coffee that was just too strong, and that’s where TrueStart Performance Coffee comes in.

TrueStart have developed the only coffee in the world with a measured level of caffeine, to give you a boost with no crash. Every serving contains 95mg and compared with regular coffee, this is very precise. One study showed coffee shop caffeine levels to ‘vary widely’, from 50mg per cup, up to over 300mg per cup from another coffee house. The same study highlighted that drinking just one of the strongest cups of coffee would more than exceed the “safe” level for pregnant women, which is 200mg caffeine per day. For other adults, the European Food Safety Authority recommends a limit of 400mg per day, a number which has also be easily exceeded with a regular cup of coffee.

TrueStart has seen impressive growth in the two years years since they launched, with a multi award winning range that has evolved to include both Performance Coffee and innovative coffee bars in 4 flavours. With successful listings including Holland & Barrett, several international distribution partners, plenty of fantastic endorsements, and an army of loyal customers that includes office workers to Olympic athletes, they’ve firmly established themselves as a brand to watch.

Husband-and-wife team Simon and Helena Hills had the idea for TrueStart during IronMan triathlon training, when their regular coffee was giving them heart palpitations one day and having no effect the next. Helena said; “Consumers care more about what they’re eating and drinking more than ever. They want to track everything and feel great, but also really enjoy their food and drink. With TrueStart, they are buying that certainty. We’re building an iconic healthy energy brand that is genuinely about our people - a global team of like-minded individuals who want to experience more and get the most out of life.”

So what’s next for the budding Red Bull of coffee? According to Helena, they plan to take the growing “healthy” food service sector by storm with a new range of specially developed TrueStart Whole Bean and Nitro Coffees. “Right now we have a naturally functional, innovative retail range to meet our customer’s needs at home” Helena explains, “but we want to extend that service to include their life on the move - delivering TrueStart’s signature clean coffee boost in new ways and in new places. We want to bring theatre to the brand experience too, whether it’s at the gym or where they’re grabbing a healthy lunch. We’re still a very young brand and the future is really exciting”

You can find out more about TrueStart at or follow @truestartcoffee on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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