Educate children on everything fishy this National Seafood Week with Young’s Foodservice

National Seafood Week provides the perfect opportunity for caterers and teachers to highlight the benefits of fish and seafood; and to make their task easier, Young’s Foodservice has a microsite specifically created with schools in mind.

Seafood Week (6-13 October) celebrates the plethora of fish and seafood on offer in the UK and acts as a platform to encourage more people to eat fish. Seafood week is the perfect opportunity to use the wide range of solutions that Young’s Foodservice has to offer and get children more engaged about seafood!

The microsite, accessed via, is designed to be a complete resource for school caterers as well as teachers, and has been launched as part of Young’s Foodservice’s continuing commitment to the education sector. In addition to a whole host of useful recipes and inspiration for school caterers, there is also a selection of handy, colourful factsheets on ‘fishy facts’, which are ideal for using as a fun and educational tool in the classroom or dining hall to help inspire children about the different species available and the fantastic benefits fish provides.

Including everything from the latest Young’s Foodservice news through to detailed product specifications, and a selection of exciting recipes designed to help inspire school caterers, the microsite is the ‘go to’ location for seafood within education and the perfect tool for making the most of National Seafood Week.

Young’s Foodservice offer an extensive range of delicious school menu options, from their oily fish solution, Mak ‘n’ Cheese Mini Fishcakes, to their ‘Never Been Fried’ range, which includes the Young’s Ultimate Fishcake and Young’s Ultimate Fish Finger, free from Wheat, Gluten and Milk.

Now, as well as browsing the extensive list of products that Young’s Foodservice have to offer, school caterers can also use the ‘recipe’ section of the new school’s microsite to get inspiration for exciting new dishes to try, such as Fish Finger Pie and Fish, Cheese & Tomato Bake. All recipes have been developed to meet School Food Standard guidelines with full nutritional information provided. Why not dedicate your menu to fish in celebration of National Seafood Week this year? Young’s Foodservice has an extensive range of delicious recipes that children adore.

Other features of the site include a handy Q&A section with useful advice for school caterers on all things fish related, from ways to add seafood variety to their school menu’s to tips on how to source sustainable fish.

Speaking of the microsite, Adrian Greaves, Foodservice Director at Young’s Foodservice said:

“The microsite is a valuable resource for school caterers across the country, throughout the year but particularly comes into play for National Seafood Week. We really want to encourage everyone to get involved with National Seafood Week and the site includes exciting features, which we hope will not only prove useful in getting children more engaged about seafood but also encourage them to eat more fish. The site will also help to inspire and educate school caterers and teachers alike, about the different species of fish available and the wide range of solutions we offer.”

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