Canadiann are looking for agents to sell our range of Steak Canadiann to the catering trades

Produced in our own butchery department the thinly cut slices of prime steak are perfect for cost effective, quick tasty hot steak sandwiches

The Steaks are packed 2x10 or 5x10 to a case IQF and are interleaved for ease of use.

They can be cooked from frozen, in a grill, griddle or frying pan.

To sell as a Steak Canadiann the usual way is to brown some onions in butter or oil then add the steak or steaks and cook for approximately 90 seconds until cooked then serve on a soft roll.

But the Steaks are also excellent for making up your own particular type of sandwich.

Areas available ate the South East, London and the Midlands

* Contact Geoff Sutcliffe 01254 235575

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