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With over thirty years in the industry, Simon Greatbatch, Director of Letterbox Distribution.com has an in-depth knowledge of Door Drop Marketing in the UK. Working with over 4,000 clients, including well-known brands such as Wagamama, McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Dominoes, the company deliver over three million items per week, through a fully tracked adult workforce

Simon is a great believer in ‘the key to getting the best response lies, not only in designing the best leaflet, and targeting the right households, but ensuring the company you choose to deliver them has a robust structure in controlling the distributors and verifying they have been delivered. The results then speak for themselves in the number of orders that follow’.

With the average person exposed to over 3,000 daily pieces of marketing, it is tough for a business to learn that up to 99% will have no impact. How often do you hear your friends say that they saw a great ad but did not know what it was selling? Simon has seen many fads in marketing in his three decades, and explains “Leaflet distribution, or Door Drop as it is now known, still remains one of the most consistent methods of advertising, especially for Takeaways and Restaurants. Its main advantage lies in the fact that a leaflet or menu cannot be ignored when it is on your door mat. It demands picking up and in that five second window, you have informed a potential customer of your service.”

Simon goes on to explain “It is comforting to know that almost every house in the UK will have somewhere, normally close to the telephone or computer where a number of menus and other Leaflets have been kept, ready to be called upon. For the Takeaway or Restaurant, it is that meal time when nobody wishes to cook or the fridge is bare, when the response is most likely to come. It is also interesting that whilst the door dropped item is the catalyst, often the response comes from either an online transaction or telephone order, and retaining the customer can mean many years of repeat business”.

* To discuss your marketing campaigns and how we can help with your door drop activity please do get in touch on 020 8440 0400 or drop us an email enquiries@letterboxdistribution.com

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