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Adrian Greaves, Foodservice Director at Young’s

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Fish & chips is a British classic and will always remain one of the nation’s favourite dishes. It is known and loved for its simplicity of fish, coated in a crisp batter, served with perfectly golden, fluffy chips. Quality fish, perfectly seasoned thick cut chips and any traditional accompaniment; from gravy, curry sauce or a tangy tartare sauce, all make for the best fish and chips. Of course, whatever condiment your customer chooses, mushy peas are always a welcome addition!

There are many ways to experiment further with your fish and chips offering, from adding vodka to batter, triple cooking chips, using sweet potatoes or adding mint to mushy peas, but when it comes down to it nothing beats the traditional chip shop style, where fish and chips is undoubtedly served at its best. At Young’s, we offer an extensive range of sustainably sourced and high quality fish products for all areas of foodservice. From our favourite King Frost range specifically created for Fish and Chip shops, through to our Chip Shop range which helps other outlets to recreate the perfectly crisp, succulent fish fillets consumers expect from their favourite takeaway.

Our delicious Chip Shop Medium Battered White Fish Fillets are perfect to recreate a classic fish and chips dish. These 125g portions are easy to prepare, skinless and boneless Alaska Pollock fillets coated in a crisp Chip Shop style batter. The tasty fillets are guaranteed to be a hit with customers and can be deep fried straight from the freezer in just 7 minutes at 180°C. The Chip Shop range from Young’s Foodservice also includes Haddock and Cod in a selection sizes; small, medium and large to ensure there’s something for all sizes of appetites and taste preference, which is ideal for constructing a varied fish and chip offering. Young’s Chip Shop Battered Fillets are available in case sizes of 24.

With an increasing number of consumers now suffering from various food allergies and intolerances, it is important to take this into consideration when planning. Finding a product that is free from the key food allergens, wheat, gluten and milk, is extremely beneficial for operators because it can be used universally across the menu for all customers, with or without allergies. Young’s MSC Omega 3 Fish Fingers, Free From Wheat, Gluten and Milk are exactly that, and with fish fingers remaining popular with all ages, as Young’s latest research into Britain’s favourite foods clearly shows, with over a quarter of the population naming fish fingers as one of their favourite foods, they are sure to be a guaranteed hit. For operators that want to appeal to the needs of all customers, our King Frost Naked Mushy Pea Fritters are an excellent vegetarian choice, while also being free from wheat, gluten and milk and are best served deep fried straight from the freezer.

Many of our products are available in different sizes to meet the needs of all appetites and allow operators to customise each dish to the perfect portion. For example, King Frost Fishcakes are available in various different sizes to suit all ages and appetites including, King Frost standard-sized Lincolnshire Fishcakes or, for those that like a little more, King Frost Jumbo Lincolnshire Fishcakes. If your customers have even larger appetites, why not offer the King Frost Mega Fishcakes; which provide the ultimate fishcake feast! Fish cakes are always a popular choice and using a frozen quality brand such as King Frost, a caterer has many advantages including; extended shelf life, portion control, consistency, reduced waste, speed of preparation and the ability to bulk buy.

* For further information on Young’s Foodservice please call 0800 132 096 or visit www.youngsfoodservice.co.uk

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