Funnybones Push the Boat Out … all aboard for the NEW Taco Boats

The NEW Taco Boats from Funnybones Foodservice mean that diners can enjoy their tacos with less mess but just as much flavour. The new crisp tacos are shaped like a boat to hold everything together, with no open sides for fillings to escape from

Tacos are increasingly popular but they are not the easiest items to eat,” explains Tom Styman-Heighton Development Chef at Funnybones Foodservice. “Our new boat shapes are made from a corn mix which is made into a thick paste, pressed into shape and then deep fried to create a sturdy, deliciously crispy taco which has closed ends, so food does not fall out, and diners can enjoy a much cleaner meal.”

Perfect for casual dining outlets, pubs and lighter lunch options in restaurants, the new shape is also great for on-the-go and street food operations, where customers are struggling to balance food and may be standing up to eat.

“Tacos traditionally contain a fairly moist meat mixture such as Al Pastor or Barbacoa,” explains Tom. “They can be fiendishly difficult to eat without spilling the filling out of the open sides of the traditionally shaped taco, however our boat shapes will keep everything nicely neat and tidy.”

The new Taco Boats are gluten, dairy, nut free and vegetarian, so suitable for many menu ideas. For perfect tacos, line the boat shells with salad and then top with the main dish, for example pulled pork or a veggie stew. Finish by offering all the classic Mexican toppings – grated cheese, guacamole, a variety of salsas, sour cream etc so that diners can customise their taco.

One taco boat makes a single serving. They come in packs of 20 shells, 10 packs per case, and need no preparation before use.

To find out more call 01707 321321 or visit

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