Polar Refrigeration helps maximise space with a new series of versatile modular cold rooms!

Making the most of the space in a commercial kitchen can be a real challenge, but with the NEW Polar Cold Rooms range from Nisbets, operators can significantly increase their frozen or chilled storage capacity quickly and easily.

What’s more, if there isn’t room inside then worry not as this latest range from trusted brand Polar, is suitable for both indoor and outdoor operation, making them an excellent way to find that much needed storage space. Allowing easy access to frozen goods and fresh produce, the Polar Cold Rooms give operators the opportunity to benefit from the cost-savings of buying in bulk.

The modular cold room series is available in a range of size options, and unlike many other models, the Class 5 units operate within ambient temperatures of up to 43˚C, ensuring effective refrigeration that can keep up with the demands of a humid commercial kitchen. The various configurations are built to a taller than average 220cm height, maximising internal storage space, and offer 80mm thick panels to give maximum insulation and strength, ensuring a long lasting cold-room.

The secure fully rebated door system comes with a slow-close mechanism which prevents slams, a clever self-closing function which makes sure the door isn’t left open in error, and a safety door catch which prevents accidental lock-ins.

All units feature excess temperature warning alarms and an element which kicks in when the condensate tray becomes full, while a low energy internal LED light at 15 Watts provides effective lighting to the complete room. The Polar Cold Room freezer units operate from -21˚C to -18˚C, whilst the refrigerated units operate from 1-4˚C, with room temperatures displayed on the digital control panel.

The new Polar Cold Rooms are fully installed by professional engineers following a site survey, and are available in a white, brown, green or grey finish to allow the cold room to blend in with the establishment.

A 1 year warranty and 24/7 customer support are also included with the new Polar Cold Rooms for extra peace of mind.

* For more information on the new cold rooms, or any other models in the Polar range please visit www.polar-refrigerator.com or call 0845 260 1411.

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