A Culinary Wonderland for Lovers with Recipes to Seduce and Entice

Esteemed food evangelist and iconic cookbook author launches erotic recipe platform

If the way to a man (or woman’s) heart is said to be through their stomach, then iconic cookbook author Paul Hartley has just developed a way to get there - and other places - a whole lot quicker!

Edible Erotica is a new online platform that brings together aphrodisiacal ingredients and delicious recipes, cocooned by sensual scene setters and useful sources of erotic foodstuffs and other sexual paraphernalia to complete the mood.

Paul says: “Food is an entirely sensuous pleasure - it’s erotic, provocative and lusty but all too often we seem to focus on the practicalities of it instead: how quick it is to cook after work or how many calories and carbohydrates it contains.

“We seem to have forgotten how to enjoy the romance of food so Edible Erotica offers a masterclass (or mistressclass!) in erotic cookery that I hope will encourage people to cook, eat, drink, make love and have fun. If you’re looking for more some passion in your life, forget the bedroom and look inside your kitchen cupboards instead!”

Recipes are revealed monthly with the seasons at www.edible-erotica.co.uk and are intended for print publication as a complete book in 2019. You can also follow the story on social media (Facebook: www.facebook.com/EdibleErotica or Twitter: @EdibleErotica).

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