Biopac’s Statement on Paper Cups and The ‘Latte Levy’

Biopac offers their thoughts on the ongoing issues with disposables and plastics

Biopac is pleased with the high amount of press around single use disposables and recycling in the UK. Such levels of exposure will only help highlight the ongoing issues that the industry is facing. Following on from our previous statement, we would like to reiterate our stance that taxing the use of these items is not an effective way forward, and merely patches over the underlying issues with waste management and infrastructure in the UK.

Regarding the “Latte Levy” we support the latest statement issued by the Food Packaging Association (FPA). The industry has highlighted this issue and is willing to provide funding for cup recycling. As this is the case, why charge the consumer?

Considering the volume of press on this matter, Biopac is saddened about the lack of conversation on compostable products. Compostables provide a market ready solution across the catering disposable market, yet the focus remains on oil based plastics and recycling. A compostable range eliminates the need for sorting and filtering of waste. Standard collection bins could be issued for all food waste and compostable packaging to be disposed of together – reducing costs and also providing a streamlined waste collection service.

Biopac specialises in compostable packaging and their disposal. We are always on hand to talk to anyone with concerns over their packaging waste and how to improve their sustainability. We welcome the ongoing discussions surrounding this important issue but will continue to push for compostable packaging to form part of the solution. Hopefully this is the start of the major overhaul to the waste infrastructure that is so desperately needed in the UK.

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