Boosting food freshness and shelf life in retail and wholesale coldstores, hotel and restaurants

The number of volatile organic compounds that smell or turn foods stale increases rapidly with the number of foodstuff types kept in the coldstore, and this is generally high in retail and wholesale coldstores as well as those in restaurants and hotels. For example many fruit release ethylene as they ripen – which then quickly over-ripens many of the other fruit and vegetables; meat releases amino-acids as it ages which produce bad smells, including sulphuric acid, garlic or rotten eggs. Fish produces tri-methyl-amine, which causes a characteristic fishy smell.

EMCO can help eliminate this problem with its specialist range of Ethylclean air filtration machines - which can cleanse the air of a wide range of these specific compounds, chemicals, plant hormones etc. keeping the produce fresh, succulent and appealing for far longer. Additionally, fat oxidation is delayed, meat keeps it red colour longer, waste due to driploss is reduced, formation of a superficial bacteria layer is delayed and fungi such as anthracnose, penicillium do not develop in the clean air that is produced.

The equipment includes models designed for the many and varying needs of restaurants and hotels including the volume of the coldstore, the type of products kept and the period of conservation. The systems cater for store volumes up to 250 cubic meters and the gas adsorbent media can be adapted to meet different applications and needs.

* Ethylclean equipment offers both high filtration and energy efficiency as well as minimal maintenance and a simple control box. It optionally includes an ethernet communication module and can even send email notification when things need changing.

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