Improved Ubert Rotisserie’s Already Stacking Up for Euro Catering

Development, testing and refining of Ubert’s convex chicken rotisserie over the last 12 months has resulted in a new, advanced model that innovative catering equipment supplier and dealer network principal, Euro Catering, has already supplied to a leading UK supermarket chain.

The double-stacked unit, ideal for use in fast-moving retail units, now cooks thirty-two 2kg chickens at a time, in just 1 hour 45 minutes, to a core temperature of over 85°C, with Ubert having increased its capacity and reduced the cooking time required by the original model.

The 8-spit pass-through, self-washing unit uses a combination of convected heat and quartz grilling lamp, to produce crispy, brown chickens that are tender and juicy inside and mouth-wateringly attractive to the shopper’s eye.

Rotisserie operators can decide how dark they wish their chicken to be, by increasing suggested cooking time at the touch of a button. The electric controls are programmable and an automatic motorised steam release vent controls the humidity within the cooking chamber. Other foods, such as roasts and pies, can be cooked within the oven using optional baskets.

The new model is also more attractive than its predecessor, with a smarter black laminated glass finish to the doors and an enamelled black finish to the metal surfaces. However, it is the ease of cleaning that kitchen staff will most appreciate, with the former manual cleaning system now being superseded by a five-wash, self-clean system which makes the operation of the Ubert rotisserie more hygienic and less of a strain on the kitchen team’s capacity.

Two of Euro Catering’s technical team got up to speed with the Ubert Convex RT616 Rotisserie, during a visit to Ubert’s head office in Germany and have since been sharing their knowledge of the technologically advanced rotisserie.

Given the huge popularity of rotisserie chicken, Euro Catering believes many retailers will take a look at this model. Sales director, Justin Towns, says: “This Ubert rotisserie ticks all the boxes of retailers wishing to sell roast chicken as easily and hygienically as possible. We anticipate a lot of dealer enquiries and wanted to ensure we could offer our dealer network excellent after-sales service. That made it important for our technical team to be fully manufacturer-trained on the rotisserie.”

Euro Catering’s development chef and food technologist, Darren Massey, adds: “Every aspect of this rotisserie has been improved and that makes it a real star. Having delivered training on this unit, I can vouch for the fact that the chickens cooked are succulent and pleasing to the eye, however brown the customer wishes to make them. The wash system makes operation pain-free and the reduced cooking time and increased capacity means more opportunity to make sales and keep up with demand.”

* More details are available at or by calling 01455 559969.

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