‘Gluten FreeToo!’

The Blakeman’s ‘Supreme’ brand - synonymous with quality, taste, consistency and value, contains 40 per cent pork with the more recently launched ‘Premier’ brand boasting 50 per cent pork content

However, the business also produces its Prime pork sausage range which has an impressive 70 per cent pork content.

With this broad spectrum of products that are available in various sizes, and includes a gluten free version of the ‘Supreme’ sausage, the business is recognised as the market leaders and have a business development team which can work with fryers to increase their business.

Blakeman’s has a long and established relationship with its meat suppliers dating back around 50 years. Ensuring this reliability around the quality cuts that they deliver , combined with the Blakeman’s secret seasoning formula - means a reputation for quality and consistency has been maintained for almost half a century.

Quality, consistency and taste are obviously paramount but the introduction of a collagen casing for the sausages in the 1970s by Blakeman’s was also a key milestone. This development meant fish and chip shops were able to deep fry products from frozen without splitting the sausage.

This has undoubtedly contributed to making the Blakeman’s sausages a mainstay of the near 11,000 fish and chip shops in the UK.

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