Vitamix blend technology supports paper straw use

A recent study carried out by DEFRA estimated the UK’s use of plastic straws at 8.5bn, or about 130 straws per person per year – many of which end up in landfill, or worse, adding to the 12.7m tonnes of plastic waste in our oceans. With a growing demand for foodservice businesses to change, the pressure is on operators to do their part and switch to paper alternatives. Now, following a period of field-testing and on-site trails with national groups, Vitamix has been found to offer the optimum blend consistency for use with paper straws

Having developed the first blender more than 80 years ago, Vitamix is renowned the world over for achieving a premium blend on a range of drinks, smoothies and juices. Using a combination of the latest technology, innovative design and pioneering materials, Vitamix blenders achieve outstanding consistency, while offering the durability and reliability demanded by busy operators.

In the trails conducted by Jestic, the exclusive distributor for Vitamix Commercial in the UK, the consistency of the blend generated using Vitamix equipment was ideal for consuming through a paper straw. Results have shown that even the toughest of whole food ingredients and ice were blended entirely, in just one cycle, eliminating unblended chunks being sucked into the straw.

To achieve a uniform result every time, Vitamix has used only the finest materials and put emphasis on the design of the equipment. Hardened, laser-cut, stainless steel blades, cut precisely with the metals grain achieves outstanding durability, while a fine-tuned motor is designed to generate less heat and provides optimal power when you need it most. Each container created specifically to allow ingredients to fold back into the mix, generating the better, more consistent blends, while the fully programmable menu allows operators to create bespoke settings to suit their individual menu and prevent overworking of ingredients.

Steve Morris, Sales Director at Jestic Foodservice Equipment comments:

“The demand for operators to switch to paper straws is one that is only going to grow as consumer awareness increases. Significantly better for the environment, paper straws do have their limitations when it comes to sturdiness, particularly when consuming a freshly made smoothie or thick shake.

We have been working closely with a number of key customers and national accounts to trial how the technology in a Vitamix blender can quickly create the optimum blend for paper straws and the results have been impressive. The innovative technology found in a Vitamix blender is able to quickly and consistently blend even the toughest ingredients, first time. This means there is no need to double-blend, which can heat the mix, influencing both flavour and consistency, while also ensuring the smooth mix can easily be poured and consumed through a paper straw.”

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