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British craft beers are enjoying a massive surge in demand right now. Recently the beer industry has been ever so slightly shrinking, however, within that multi-billion-pound industry, Craft Beers are very much on the up

Over the last few years sales of craft beers have been growing at a rate of around 20% per year. It seems the Great British public is moving away from the mundane mass produced beers brewed by the big boys and are taking a walk on the wild side, tasting the delights of the adventurous smaller breweries. This could be very good news for anyone in the food industry with a similarly adventurous streak. It’s be a bandwagon worth jumping on. Let it be known that you have a fine selection of interesting brews to compliment your culinary delights and you could be every beer drinker’s flavour of the month.

A prime example of a ‘Summer Time Brew’

The Norfolk Brew-house, of Hindringham, has teamed up with another Norfolk artisan supplier to launch a new bottled beer – Nelson’s Orange Ale, a fruity, light amber ale generously infused with blood orange.

The brewery teamed up with Mark at the Nelson and Norfolk Tea Company who when visiting the brewery left them a sample of his fantastic Blood Orange tea as he felt it perfect for using in a beer as David from the Norfolk Brew-house, explains:

“Well, he had me hook line and sinker – the aroma is fantastically fresh and fruity – think US aromatic hops in turbo charge. A blood orange Moon Gazer just had to be done. So, we laid down the challenge to Bruce to get his recipe hat on.”

“Now, blood orange beers are not new – they’re not widespread either – Beavertown’s Blood Orange IPA is an example of just how this flavour really works in beer – while a host of US brewers have a Blood Orange Amber ale on their list of regulars. Trust us it really works!”

At 4.3% abv the beer is brewed to be a bit more accessible than some of the high strength options out there.

Norfolk Maris Otter forms the base – as well as other malts including; amber, crystal 400, wheat, rye and Vienna malt.

The addition of the Vienna malt will add richness with slight toffee and caramel notes without masking the hops or the Blood Orange tea. It also gives an orangery hue to the beer. The rye and Crystal 400 are only in small quantities to add little more depth to the orange, light amber colour in the final product.

As for the hops – the ale uses Mount Hood as the base hop while Admiral, Cascade and Motueka play a supporting role before the star turn of the Blood Orange tea. A combination of these hops will give citrus, (orange and lemon) plus floral notes.

As for the name David explains:

“Well, we had to give a name to check to the Norfolk company supplying the tea – so Nelson’s Orange Ale seemed to fit the bill but also we are in Nelson’s county so it just seemed to fit the bill.”

“We originally brewed the beer in cask for sale in pubs but it has proved so popular that we wanted it to be available for customers to try in bottle.”

If you do enjoy the beer then do look out for the teas from Nelson and Norfolk Tea Company.

* You can get your hands on bottles of ‘Moon Gazer – Nelson’s Orange Ale’ by visiting Britain’s Biggest Beer shop ‘Beers of Europe’ which is based in Setchey, Norfolk. Or you can order them online from

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