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"Customers have shown that they are prepared to pay a premium for freshly-made treats, so opting for a soft serve ice cream machine can be an easy way to add fresh ice cream to your offering, maximising trade by ensuring your menu appeals to a wide range of customers. Quick and simple to produce and available in a choice of flavours, freshly produced, soft serve ice cream commands an excellent profit margin, and can really help to grow a business’s revenue and maximise profits through impulse sales.

Carpigiani is a global leader in the manufacture of ice cream equipment, offering a wide-ranging number of both floor standing and countertop soft serve machines which are simple to operate and maintain, and will produce wonderfully smooth and indulgent soft ice cream. In addition, as all Carpigiani soft serve models are fitted with a unique tank agitator which prevents the risk of separation of the mix and ensures an exceptional product consistency, operators can also add on-trend, fat free frozen yoghurt to their menus.

The new Carpigiani 161 series of soft serve models is the perfect choice for venues where space is at a premium. Offering a real breakthrough in soft serve ice cream technology, the 161 combines state-of the art technology with features usually reserved for larger, floor standing models, including a self-pasteurising model. What’s more, the unique design of the 161 range means a footprint of just 300mm x 630mm x 850 mm (w/d/h).

The new 161 range uses air cooled technology, generating flow through a removable air filter at the base of the unit, channelling hot air exiting at the top. This not only improves efficiency, but also allows the unit to be positioned directly next to another appliance, for even greater space efficiency on a limited countertop.

A contemporary stainless-steel counter top design, complete with multifunctional display, standard 13-amp plug-and-go operation (never before available for a self-pasteurising model) and the ability to be connected to our wireless Teorema software gives operators the choice of using our unique remote monitoring and diagnostic software, means an easy to use appliance, with an impressive hourly output of up to 15kg.

Staff will also enjoy using the 161 G SP model as it comes with an automatic self-pasteurisation function, which is capable of achieving an extraordinary 42 day cleaning cycle. A heated cylinder function quickly defrosts the chamber to further speed up the process of manual cleaning when required.”

* For more information on the Carpigiani 161 or for expert advice and knowledge of soft ice cream, frozen yogurt, cream whipping and thick shake machines; as well as the Carpigiani Gelato University training courses, please call Carpigiani UK on 01432 346018 or visit www.carpigiani.co.uk.

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