Coffee Brand Truestart Launches Its First Coffee Shop In Bristol

Entrepreneurs Simon and Helena Hills have launched their first Truestart & Co Coffee Shop in the heart of Bristol today at Runway East...

The couple are building on the huge success of their brand over the last few years, which has been selling in local shops and healthy food stores nationwide and internationally.

Truestart & Co will serve the community of co-workers not only with their super high quality, hyper sustainable coffee range of cold brew, nitro and ground coffee and Tumeric lattes but also with a range of locally sourced healthy meals and treats including Avocado and courgette cake, Asian Vermicelli Noodle Salad with Ginger Tofu and fig and beetroot salad.

Food is locally sourced and freshly made every morning after visits to local markets. It will be seasonal and mostly organic and plant based. Other fresh young brands like Brave Foods (roasted peas) are also available.

Truestart & Co will offer a range of organic loose leaf specialty teas, specially sourced by Helena’s mother, tea expert extraordinaire to include Chinese Rose Congou and Bourbon Vanilla & Rooibos, Black Lemon, Chinese Gunpowder Green.

The naturally energising coffee brand is the first in the UK to use 100% biodegradable packaging including Nespresso pods and the only flavoured cold brew range to be sugar free, vegan, 100% natural and zero calories.

CEO Helena Hills said: “It’s been such an amazing period of our lives. The success of the brand meant that we had the confidence to invest to rebrand it to appeal to a wider audience and be truer to ourselves. We have always believed in living a life less ordinary and our new brand is rooted in the very fact that normal is boring; we are wild for life and our coffee enables all of its fans to do the same as it is a totally natural energy kick. We are loving life right now. We are so excited to take Truestart & Co across the country and beyond.”

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