GourmEat was established in 2015 with the aim of exporting the concept of quality pizza making using our own produce, all over the world.

GourmEat, has a vastly experienced team in the Italian premium restaurant and pizza making industries. The company mission is to export the concept of Neapolitan Pizza all around the world without the needing help of highly skilled chefs.

The Pizzeria GourmEat “Business Solution” format has been tailored to meet the needs of large catering groups, hotel chains, and individual operators, in locations where pizzerias are not available.

For a low investment and in only 9 square metres, GourmEat can indeed create an original Italian pizzeria with the highest quality standards, low investment and high profit.

In order to guarantee the quality and success of this format, GourmEat produces highly hydrated leavened pizza doughs and mozzarella, tomatoes and extra-virgin olive oil, all of which are exclusively Made in Italy.

The Pizza Solution, it’s a Pizza Corner that resolves the answer for both customers and entrepreneurs. Customer side, the product will be received fast, faster than any other fast food your hungry customer can find elsewhere. The oven reaches almost 5000C, but remains cool on the outside, and shoots out 6 pizzas in around 60 seconds! No more waiting line for those who want a slice. For our frozen pizza dough we only use the best Italian products around, that’s why our frozen pizza dough will never let you down. No more waking up at 4am to prepare the dough. Always a perfect dough, it gives the best pizza experience to each and everyone of your customers, majestic in taste and cooked faster than anything else around.

Let’s turn the page now and have a look into the other side of The Pizza Solution, the entrepreneurs

perspective. Thanks to the small size of this station, starting from just 9m2, it can be separated into 4 sections, all mobile, and be assembled or taken apart in less that 1 hour by one person. It can be used almost anywhere! If you already have a trading space or restaurant and you want to power up your business with some good old pizza, you don’t need to think about anything else than, do I have 9m2 of free space? - and because of the high mobility and complete autonomy of the Pizza Corner you can even take it for a ride to your local town mall or fair.

The Pizza Corner is easy to use anywhere. It is also perfect for your first business with plenty of space to create great pizzas. With our frozen dough you have all you need to start. Pizza Corner has been created to be The Pizza Solution for everyone. With just a short time shadowing a trainer you and your staff can be the pizza chef thanks to the easy-to-use frozen dough.

Now let’s talk about cash-flow; it’s really important to deliver high quality food consistently, but it’s also crucial to keep production costs in check. Thanks to the 250g frozen Neapolitan dough ball, the 10g Buffalo Mozzarella and our Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Italian Tomatoes, you have control of cost and quality.

Consistency is the key for a successful food business and The Pizza Solution provides it. Talking of cashflow, the Pizza Corner price includes the INVESTMENT ZERO formula where you will be able to recover your investment in 90 days or less thanks to our Start Pack 5000p where you will receive enough product to produce 5000 pizzas!

Here at Gourmeat, we want you to get back your initial investment and make the leap forward as soon as possible thanks to The Pizza Solution.

* For more information, contact Riccardo Castellani at Gourmeat Ltd.

www.gourmeat.co.uk or newteam@gourmeat.co.uk

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