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‘Victor Pizza began as a small bakery in the south side of Glasgow. The previous owner- Bert, a master baker, had started the company as a small general bakery on Nitshill Road supplying breads, cakes and morning goods. The shop next door was owned by a man from Naples, Italy who wanted Bert to make him a deep fried pizza (or pizza fritto) like the pizza he used to cook in his hometown. Bert began selling these to Victor and as a result called the product ‘Victors pizza’.

Over the years ‘victors pizza’ became Bert’s number 1 selling product and through word of mouth the pizza became world famous in Glasgow and is now supplied into 95% of the chip shops in Scotland by agents who collect from our site.

As a consequence Victor Pizza moved into an industrial unit and grew the premises and turnover- significantly, for the next 20 plus years.

In 2006 with Bert wishing to retire, the business was sold to Paul and Anne Marie Cairney. The company was based in Darnley, Glasgow until April 2014, when we moved into our much more modern food factory in Possilpark.

To this day Frying Pizza or ‘Pizza Frito’ as we like (try) to call them, are the backbone of our sales.

However, sales of frying pizzas (seen as an unhealthy option) are declining and traditional chip shops are under pressure from many fast food outlets on the High St.

Over the past few years Victor Pizza has reacted to the market by developing a range of pizzas, including bases/crusts and a full range of pizzas from 5” round to 16” and every size of slab a customer could want e.g. 8”x9”, 9”x15” and 11”x15”. These products come in a gluten free and vegan option. We also have a range of cheeses to suit the customers taste and price point.

As a family business, we continue to have at our core: commitment to our staff, to the quality of our products and consistently bringing new ideas and products to our customers. Victor Pizza is our family, our combined values continue to drive our business to be the best.

Each pizza is crafted by our team of highly knowledgeable staff who are passionate about creating high quality products bespoke to our customer’s needs. We are proud to have 30 highly knowledgeable staff who are passionate about creating high quality products, bespoke to our customer’s needs. Our team of specialist operators lovingly hand top our products giving them an artisan touch enabling us to deliver a unique product.

We ensure all our ingredients are the freshest and highest quality we can find and all can be traced back to source. Highly motivated staff means that we consistently produce the best quality products. We are dedicated to promoting a healthier lifestyle. Our skilled Product Development Team are creating a bespoke range for business, schools, colleges and universities UK wide. We take pride in producing tasty pizza suitable for every budget. We continue to seek out inspirational concepts/flavours and new ways to incorporate them within our products. We want to be your go-to brand for quality, healthier pizza options.

Our bene range features a variety of delicious healthier options which take account of the latest Public Health England guidelines. These low-salt pizzas are designed to meet the dietary recommendations set by the British Nutritional Foundation for schools and colleges. This range includes wholemeal, gluten free, vegan and the ‘Eat Balanced’ Seaweed based pizza, the innovative health by stealth pizza brand. This range not only tastes fantastic, but the focus is on reducing the salt and improving the nutritional values of the products.

For the last 5 years we have been working in partnership with Donnie Maclean- founder of Eat balanced supplying pizza into schools, leisure and family pubs!

Donnie worked alongside a leading professor of nutrition from Glasgow University analysing many other pizzas to figure out why they are seen as “junk food“.

All of them had too much salt and saturated fat for one meal – some were more than the recommended amount for the full day!

They were also low in fibre, and there was very little or no information on the vitamins and minerals that those pizzas contained.

Working with a professor of nutrition Donnie set out to make the ultimate balanced meal by ensuring that each pizza gives you all of the nutrients your kids need for good health.

Our Eat Balanced Pizzas are:

naturally lower in the “bad” stuff like salt and saturated fat

are higher in the “good” stuff like protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals – just the right levels for good health.

So what’s different about our eat balanced products?

Well each of our pizzas are packed with the best, all natural ingredients – in exactly the right proportions to make them a complete balanced meal.

The nutrition team analysed loads of other pizzas and found out that the main features were:

Too high in saturated fat and salt

oo low in fibre, vitamins and minerals


Salt vs Seaweed

We replaced the salt with seaweed! With less than 10% of the sodium content you get in salt. The kids can’t see it and it provides a nice flavour whilst it adds many other important nutrients, such as iron, iodine and vitamin B12.

Subsequently, all of our pizzas are already well below the UK government’s salt targets (section 10), but they don’t taste like they need salt.


We worked hard to get a high fibre base without looking too brown and becoming too dense, which can put some kids off. Our pizzas use a natural fibre and kids love the look and taste, WIN-WIN.


We don’t fortify our pizzas but add additional vegetables into the sauce which means they are naturally high in vitamin A and vitamin C.

* These eat balanced seaweed pizzas are now available through Brakes (11x15 Brakes Code: 113092 & 5”Brakes Code: 112968) and Bidfood (11x15”Bidfood Code: 99568 & 5” Bidfood Code: 97054 & Pizza Panda Bidfood Code: 99634)

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