Four times bigger and thicker than standard crisps

Founded by Beege Bourne, Great Food Affairs (GFA) Ltd is a 25-year established, Cheshire based business with grand designs to shake up the crisp and snack industry with SLABS, the hunky chunky potato crisp!

What makes SLABS unique; SLABS are 4 times bigger and thicker than standard crisps, made with olive oil and using natural seasonings to make SLABS a unique tasting crisp, as close as can be to a chip!

Being 4 times thicker, SLABS stay very flat during the frying process and thus makes them great with soft cheeses, pates and delicious with dips. SLABS can even be re-heated like a hot chip, staying crisp and delicious.

When sometimes compared to McCoy’s, Beege jokes “McCoy’s are for boys, real men enjoy SLABS”

In fact, SLABS are much thicker than McCoy’s and amazingly, SLABS have less fat and calories per 100g than many standard and hand-cooked crisps, and this is all down to the potato thickness.

Beege has been in the snack industry for near on 35 years, making her a Snack-Queen veteran. Beege started her career at Smiths Crisps back in the early 80’s, then a spell at Nabisco Foods before branching out on her own to form Great Food Affairs (formally known as LGM Foods) and at first Great Food Affairs (GFA) was a pancake factory making pancakes for many of the supermarket brands. After pancakes Beege moved back into snacks forming an alliance with Berkshire Foods, making own-brand snacks for Morrisons, Aldi, Waitrose.

Alongside Berkshire Foods, Beege was also a board director at Glennans Crisps, makers of parsnip, beetroot and potato crisps and all this sat alongside her own business GFA. And if that wasn’t enough, GFA was also and is still today, a distributor for Grupo Chovi, Spain’s biggest Allioli producer, supplying major supermarkets and discounters with this iconic garlic dip.

Over the last ten years, the pancake factory was sold, Berkshire Foods acquired by Kolak and Glennans Crisps sold to Tyrells Crisps (was part of KP). It has been a hectic few years for Beege and you would think that after all those changes to her business and her involvement in and out of the crisps sector, that Beege would have done her bit for the snack food industry in the UK, but oh no.

Beege wanted to create a very different crisp for the UK. Not just another hand-cooked brand, for which there are many, but a truly unique potato crisp like no other.

In 2015, after several years of secret development, SLABS entered the UK crisp scene, at first, quietly selling to the artisan and specialist retail sector, SLABS was only to be found in Cheshire based Farm Shops and Delis. Gathering a reputation for quality and uniqueness, SLABS became slightly higher profile exhibiting at several key trade shows during 2017 and now, established with over 350 stockists nationwide, SLABS is loud and proud in a crisp sector, albeit a sector still dominated by standard hand-cooked crisps, SLABS is now firmly established and gaining many new stockists each and every week.

The future for SLABS, Beege says “bigger bags, a few more flavours, greater choice, export to more countries and we’re keen to push our recently launched 900g foodservice tubs of SLABS, perfect for those outlets who want to serve SLABS”..

The crisp and snack industry is dominated by the big brands, Walkers, Kettle and Supermarket own brand, little innovation happens in the sector with only new flavours used to maintain the consumers interest. Ironically, despite the plethora of new crisp flavours, the UK crisp sector is still 90% Sea Salt, Cheese & Onion and Salt & Vinegar.

SLABS was created for the quality independent sector and in order to supply this sector, Beege created a next working day delivery solution. Low minimum orders make SLABS a perfect fit for even the most modest of food outlets.

When asked about being stocked by the Supermarkets, Beege insists that this is of no interest or value to the SLABS brand, “we created SLABS for quality independents and that’s where we want SLABS to stay”…

For those interested in stocking a unique crisp, that cannot be found or compared in the supermarkets, you can obtain samples of SLABS direct from Great Food Affairs by contacting them at 01606 784713 or by contacting them via

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