Ops management experts launch compliance consultancy

Operations management pioneer Checkit has broadened its offering with a new compliance and risk management service headed by industry veteran, Chris Hassall

Businesses of all sizes face the challenge of managing compliance commitments. Visits by inspectors and local authorities can be nerve-wracking, with the outcome of inspections posing a risk to the bottom line. With an increasingly vocal media and aware public as well as strict regulations, few issues are as important.

By making compliance regimes digital, Checkit’s technology sweeps away the paper-based systems that are still common. This makes life easier for staff and managers. Significantly it also make possible a new model that challenges “traditional” compliance advice and consultancy. Rather than relying on occasional audit visits and paperwork inspections, digital technology can act like a “Fitbit™” for the business, showing how healthy its compliance processes are and allowing remote monitoring and early diagnosis of problems.

Checkit has now launched a new service, the first to offer “Continuous Compliance Monitoring” using its technology. This provides expert end-to-end support on a consultancy basis, from formulating policy to implementation and monitoring, giving organisations of all sizes:

Confidence that a business is operating in line with legal requirements

The ability to identify and resolve performance problems early

The right data for painless EHO inspections

Support and guidance to react to any potential issues in the right way

Experienced expertise

The Checkit offering combines technology with experienced, highly qualified expertise. With over ten years of experience in environmental health, Compliance and Risk Management Services Director, Chris Hassall, leads a team packed with cross-sector regulatory and compliance technology know-how.

In partnership with local authorities and a national network of consultants, the team can assist with any due diligence requirements, from general health and safety to fire safety and food standards, all built on three key services:

End-to-end consultancy to develop and implement airtight compliance procedures

Remote and Physical Auditing to ensure total readiness for random local authority inspections

A helpline to offer advice in emergencies, minimising the impact of negative outcomes

In Chris’ own words, “Combining traditional compliance support with Checkit’s unique technology solution allows us to offer an extremely efficient, but high quality service. Complete visibility of due diligence allows our compliance service offering to be more informed and therefore more effective. It’s high time that the industry took advantage of the possibilities of digital technology and it’s exciting to be at the forefront of this massive change”

About Checkit

Checkit’s smart technology helps businesses of any size to manage people, processes and compliance. Our Real Time Operations Management Platform is used to power digital food safety systems, to deliver smart compliance services and to easily build tailored solutions that make operations more effective.

With Checkit, managers can define, monitor and analyse routine processes, making sure that the right thing is done in the right place, at the right time by the right person. This is achieved by a unique combination of configuration – not programming – of mobile checklist applications and real-time alerts seamlessly integrated with smart sensors and cloud analytics. The result is improved performance through higher quality, improved productivity and reduced risk.

Checkit has offices in the UK and the USA, with customer including Alton Towers, Center Parcs, Compass Group, Jamie’s Italian, the NHS and Sodexo.

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