Pidy UK Launches Fresh New Website

Pidy is delighted to announce the launch its brand new UK website which features improved navigation and functionality throughout, whilst achieving a fresh new layout and image-led design. The website now has a greater focus on recipe inspiration for foodservice professionals and easy access to the extensive Pidy product portfolio. It also includes useful features such as the latest Pidy news stories and information regarding each product category from meals and cocktail canapés through to desserts and frozen ingredients.

The website brings the company’s main digital platform in line with recently revealed logo and brand identity, whilst featuring a new colour palate and eye-catching photography. The sophisticated washboard effect used for Pidy photography contrasts with the vivid colours of the pastry and sponge products to prominently display the range as you land on the new site. The website is fully responsive and works across desktop, tablet and phone.

The new website is part of an exciting band refresh that sees Pidy combine over fifty years of unique heritage in pastry production and the quality, innovation and services the company provide to a wide range of foodservice sectors.

Speaking of the new website, Robert Whittle, General Manager of Pidy UK said:

“We are over-the-moon to launch our new Pidy UK website and to offer our customers a smoother, more intuitive user experience. It not only better reflects the brand that Pidy is today but also provides new features to benefit our customers and allows every visitor to discover and digest the Pidy range.

The new site has a series of short recipe videos created by our culinary development team who use their experience to demonstrate exactly how to bring out the best from our products. We hope this gives our customers inspiration to get them started and discover the endless possibilities Pidy’s ready-to-fill pastry provides!”

The new website will roll out across Europe and the US in due course.

For more information on the Pidy range, please visit or call 01604 705666.

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