Sweet Success for Lamb Weston with Another Craft Guild of Chefs Product Endorsement

Products from Lamb Weston’s range of Sweet Potato Fries have achieved an above average rating under the Craft Guild of Chefs Product Endorsement Scheme, enabling use of the esteemed ‘Approved Product’ logo.

Lamb Weston’s Sweet Potato Fries and Sweet Potato Shoestring Fries join the Company’s Connoisseur range, already in Lamb Weston’s Product Endorsement camp.

During the product endorsement assessment, one chef said they already used Lamb Weston’s skin on fries ‘as they offer great value and yield’.

Another chef commended the Company as supplying products that add value saying that, ‘vegetarian and vegan food is big at the moment, we need products that can tick a lot of boxes, for example, your crumb is gluten free’.

All three chefs agreed that with regards to sweet potato products, quality is the most important factor as it is easier for operators to charge a premium for them over regular fries, that having different shapes and cut sizes can help to drive additional sales and margin, and that they see sweet potato products as an alternative, upsell to regular fries, as they are on trend.

Andrea Deutschmanek, Lamb Weston’s Country Marketing Manager UK & ROI, says: “We are thrilled to be able to add our Sweet Potato products to the Connoisseur range, all of which have received the Craft Guild of Chefs Product Endorsement accolade.

“Being inventive is part of our customer promise – that’s what they know and love us for. By carrying out activities such as this with bodies like the Craft Guild of Chefs we get to fully understand our customers’ needs, enabling us to explore further and create products that offer menu solutions for them.”

The sweet potato range is part of Lamb Weston’s vast and exciting range of quality fries and potato products offering a unique mix of sweet potato taste with a savoury coating, to ensure crispness.

In all styles and cuts, sweet potato fries appeal to an ever-expanding audience looking to try something a little different, a little tastier, a little better for you. Based on global research, their sweet taste and variety of cuts, forms and seasonings makes them a strong alternative to what customers would eat at home.

As an additional side dish on the menu, they offer even more variety and choice, and with even more servings per kg they guarantee customer satisfaction.

For innovative ideas, recipes and potato inspiration, head over to www.lambweston.eu/uk , call 0800 963962 or email us at salesUK@lambweston.eu

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