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Mix up your menu and serve on-trend bao buns

Bao buns are one of the hottest trends in the food service sector currently

So why not take advantage of this and serve chicken in bao buns?

Instead of simply offering chicken in a bun or served with chips, fast food operators can ring the changes and also add bao buns to the menu, suggests frozen food distributor Central Foods.

It’ll provide a point of difference and also offer customers something that’s bang on trend.

“Bao buns are big news across the food service sector,” says Gordon Lauder, MD of Central Foods, which supplies Golden Valley Foods poultry products to fast food operators.

“Takeaway, delivery and fast food operators should consider how to incorporate them on their menus, and one way we’d suggest is to offer them as carriers for chicken.

“Bao buns are a real street food favourite, and they really lend themselves to being packed with different fillings.”

Also known as Hirata buns, bao buns are steamed and folded, soft and pillowy bao bread buns which are usually served warm, filled with slow-cooked meat or vegetables, crunchy salad or pickles and a sticky sauce.

Fast food operators can create their own fillings by packing bao buns with chicken, salad and a range of sauces.

“Bao buns have been really flying in recent times, so we’d definitely recommend that fast food operators consider how they can add them to their menus,” adds Gordon.

Central Foods offers 50g and 30g KaterBake bao buns, which are suitable for vegan and vegetarians.

Based at Collingtree near Northampton, Central Foods is one of the UK’s leading frozen food distributors. The company was founded almost 28 years ago and is a catering partner across the whole food service sector, supplying to fast food operators, hotels, restaurants, bars, universities, schools, pubs, care homes, garden centres, leisure outlets and more. It currently sells to over 180 independent wholesalers, as well as larger national and regional wholesalers.


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